Server updates
Server update log
  • 25/07/2016
    • Added additonal weapons and equipment
      • HL2 SMG
      • HL2 Pistol
      • M9K Weapons
        • Two grenade launchers
        • RPG
        • New orbital strike
        • Timed C4 (doubles as Jihad when timer set to 0)
      • Shovel
      • Chainsaw
      • Cloaking Device
      • Portable traitor checker
      • Hermes boots passive (speed boost)
    • Added a new player model
      • Meme cancer shit
    • Added a new map
      • ttt_summermansion_b3
  • 31/07/2016
    • Fixed HUD scorecounter
    • Updated the end round music addon (fuck this guy forcing it to be done)
    • Fixed a range of issues related to pointshop
    • Added additional functionality to a bunch of playermodels
      • Bodygroups and skin colour can now be applied on models that support it
    • Added new items to pointshop
    • Added a new escape menu which provides a range of information to the user
      • Quick binds to gameplay functions
      • Pointshop button to open store
      • Displays amount of points the user has at bottom

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