Forum Updates
Forum update log
  • 23/07/2016
    • Updated MyBB to latest version
    • Fixed styling inconsistancies between the TS sidebar
    • Fixed stling inconsistancies with all the right block elements
    • Fixed the width issues related to the TS sidebar
    • Fixed some minor template problems
    • Cleaned up the forum index layout
  • 23/07/2016 cont
    • More minor changes to forum layout
    • Added in additional links/images to forum sidebar
    • Added additional links under Glubbable's Servers, now displays a link to their Group
    • Changed mystery server category into the TTT server category
    • Cleaned up sidebar even more, split servers and teamspeak into their own elements
  • 23/07/2016 cont cont...
    • Fixed SSL issues with Gametracker images, lazy pricks not fixing this themselves since 2009
  • 06/08/2016
    • Updated Glub's server images and forum links so they now direct to the correct server pages due to moving to newer box
    • Personal note: Move my own shit already you lazy fuck

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